How To Get Dimitri Character In Free Fire?

Free Fire always strives to keep its players updated by introducing the latest skins and various new features. Free Fire players consistently receive exclusive and amazing rewards from events. Recently, Garena Free Fire launched an event called the Dimitri Top Up event. This recent event introduced a new character, Dimitri, based on DJ Dimitri, who recently collaborated with Garena Free Fire.

Dimitri is the real name of Dimitri Vegas, a world-famous DJ, alongside Mike, whose real name is Mike Thivaios. In Free Fire, they bring to life two new characters. To keep updated for upcoming new characters you have to try Free Fire Advance Server.

How To Get Dimtri Character In Free Fire

Ability of Dimitri Character

The Dimitri character possesses the ability to create a healing zone with a radius of 3.5 meters in the battlefield. With the heal slam ability, Dimitri can generate health and recover from damage inflicted by opponents within the healing zone.

Dimitri Characters Heal Slam Skill Levels. 

Level 1

Duration: 10 second

Cooling Time: 85 Seconds

Level 2

Duration : 11 Seconds

Cooling time 80 seconds

Level 3 

Duration: 12 Seconds

Cooling Time 75 seconds

Level 4

Duration : 13 seconds

Cooling time: 70 seconds

Level 5

Duration : 14 seconds

Cooling time: 65 Seconds

Level 6

Duration : 15 Seconds

Cooling time: 60 seconds



Way to Get Dimitri Character in Free Fire

  1. Open the store section located at the top of your home screen, identified by a diamonds symbol.
  2. Once in the store section, players need to top up diamonds into their account using any preferred payment method. Diamonds can be purchased based on the desired event.
  3. After topping up diamonds, navigate to the calendar icon on the right side of the home screen.
  4. Within the calendar, locate the 4th-anniversary tab. Click on the Dimitri Top Up event that appears at the top of the tab.
  5. Complete these steps, and players will be able to collect the rewards from the Dimitri Top Up event.

Recap – How to Get Dimitri Character In Free Fire

To get Demitri character players should open the store section available on the screen, after this they should top up diamond through payment method, there will be tab 4th anniversary you just click on Dimitri top up event and get exclusive Dimitri Character in free Fire. 

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