Free Fire Advance Server – Download OB43 For Android 2023

The Free Fire game, developed by 111 dots Studio, is an action game, and is one of the most played games worldwide. What is it that makes the game that interesting? Free Fire consists of more than 50 game characters, all of which have different abilities and the players can experience the gaming world through them.

This game can be played from the third person perspective and has a survival nature. The FF Advance Server is a tool, which makes the gameplay even more fun and exciting.

Free Fire advance server

The Free Fire game, published by Garena, can be played in different game modes, including one in which more than 50 people have to fight with each other until the last one survives. Another game mode allows the players to form a group of four and then fight with other groups.

This interesting game gets more thrilling thanks to the FF Advance Server. Let’s have a look at what an FF Advance Server is and how it works.

Info Table Of Free Fire Advance Server

NameFree Fire Advance Server
Latest OBOB43
Activation CodeAvailable
Advance Server Rewards3000 Diamonds
Downloads14.2 M Downloads

What is Free Fire Advance Server APK?

FF Advance Server APK is a platform provided by Garena to only a few of the Free Fire players and these players can play and experience the upcoming features of the game before other Free Fire players can. How exciting is that! However, not all gamers are lucky enough to participate in this Advance Server. 

This is basically a testing platform introduced by the makers as they can get to know about the feedback of the game features before they are released to the public. Not only this, Garena can know about the bugs and any possible lags through this server. This way they can improve the game from all aspects before generally releasing the update.

Free fire advance server download

Features of Free Fire Advance Server

Below are some compelling features of the Free Fire Advance Server.

Access to New Weapons

All of the upcoming weapons which others can not use can be used by you. This way, the players can become dangerous for their enemies and become more skillful about using weapons than their fellows who do not have the advanced server.

Have a Sneak-peek of Upcoming Skins

Just like the armor, new skins are introduced for the players in different updates and can be experienced by the advance server players beforehand.

Advance Server gets you Extra Money!

You can earn in-game currency by playing Free Fire Advance Server without any effort! All you have to do is to get an invitation code and start playing now and you will get the coins from the developers!

An Invite-Only Platform

Free Fire is an invite-only platform, meaning that not all the users can be given access to its advanced features. The players which can use this platform are selected on the basis of game performance and active hours players spend on this application etc.

Map Updates

New locations are unlocked in the new updates and some hideouts are also introduced in almost every update which Garena introduces.

Bug Fixes

The main purpose of introducing the gamers to the FF Advance Server is fixing the bugs. The players have to give honest reviews about the problems they face while playing the game and if there are any bugs, the management team fixes it.

Interaction between Players

The players who get selected to experience the upcoming game features are usually regular and very good players. Through this platform, the players get a chance to interact with each other and discuss gaming style with one another.

How to register at the FF Advance Server?

The Advance Free Fire Server is not open all the time. It opens for a few days a year and the players have to request for the code at that time. In order to register for this game, the players have to follow the given steps.

  • Firstly, there is an eligibility criteria on which the makers select the players. If you consider yourself eligible, you can proceed towards the next steps.
  • Then, visit the official Free Fire Advance Server site at this link: Once you’re there, choose to log in using either Facebook or Google. Pick the one you used to create your account.
  • Next, a new page will pop up. Fill in the needed information for signing up. After entering everything, hit the “join now” button.
  • If your account makes the cut for the Advance Server Program, you’ll receive an email containing a special code. This code is important.
  • Now, download the FF Advance Server APK. When it’s done, use the code from the email to start playing on the FF Advance Server.
  • Remember, this process ensures you can access the cool features and try out new stuff before it’s available to everyone!
Free Fire advance server registration

FF Advance Server Requirements

Following are the eligibility requirements to be able to play the FF Advance Server. However, these are not the only parameters which decide which players will be selected to play. No definite requirements are given from the makers.

  • Make sure you have a verified Free Fire account connected to your actual Facebook or Gmail ID. 
  • Keep in mind that the Advance Server is only accessible in specific regions across the globe.
  • Moreover, it’s important to be at least 18 years old to be eligible.

Download FF Advance Server

An easy way of downloading the FF Advance Server is to download the APK file and install it, and then input the activation code. For this, click on the download button, which will lead you to a page where you can grab the FF Advance Server APK file. Download the file easily and have access to all the features without any fuss.

ff advance server apk (2)

Free Fire Advance Upcoming OB Version

The OB42 Advance Server started on October 13, 2023, and is set to run until October 27, 2023. This gives players a good amount of time to explore and enjoy the different features being tested. 

In this recent OB version, the annoying issues of lag and stutter that bothered us before are no more. Now, playing the game feels smoother, with a lot of improvements making it a better experience for everyone.

The developers worked hard to make sure that the game runs well, and they’ve added some cool stuff. You’ll get to meet new characters, and there will be more of the old ones too. It’s like getting new friends to play with! 

Also, the way the game responds to your moves is now adjusted based on what device you’re using. This means it’s easier to aim for those headshots and be the only champion.

These changes are pretty exciting, and it’s nice to see the game getting better and better. So, if you haven’t tried the new features yet, don’t miss out! You have until October 27, 2023, to be part of this gaming adventure!

free fire advance server ob

Report Bugs in FF Advance Server and Earn Diamonds!

Report bugs and earn money in FF Advance Server! If you want more diamonds, here’s a great opportunity for you. The Free Fire advance server offers a free download and a chance to get 1000 diamonds for free

All you have to do is find a mistake or bug in the new FF OB42 Update content. For example, if you discover any errors in the Advance Server, report them, and you’ll receive a reward of 1000 diamonds! If you don’t find any bugs or don’t report any issues in the game, you won’t be eligible for the free 1000 diamonds.

Advantages and Disadvantages of FF Advance Server


Here are some advantages of FF Advance Server.

Early Access Benefits

Provides a head start with early access to new and untested Garena features, offering a significant advantage over other players.

In-Game Currency Rewards

The game rewards players with in-game currency for their participation, adding an extra incentive to play and explore the new features.

User-Friendly Installation

Simple and straightforward installation process, making it easy for players to set up and start using.


Following are some cons of the FF Advance Server.

Invite-Only Access

It is limited to invitation-only access, not open to the general public, reducing accessibility for interested players.

Feedback Requirement

The platform requires players to provide feedback; failure to do so may result in removal from the app, emphasizing the importance of active participation.

Random Invite System

The process of obtaining an invite seems to be entirely random, with no clear method for players to secure an invitation. Garena has not specified any method through which the players can get an invite.

Bugs in Beta Game Modes

Since game modes are in beta format, meaning that encountering bugs is possible, it impacts the overall gameplay experience negatively.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Free Fire advanced server?

Free Free Advanced Server is a platform for some chosen Free Fire players where they can play the game with updated features which have not yet been added to the original game.

What are the advantages of Free Fire advance server?

Using Free Fire Advance Server, the players can experience all the features earlier than others, try new clothes and weapons etc, can get diamonds, and also meet other experienced gamers like them. 

How do I log into FF advance server?

To log in, you have to go to the official Free Fire website and enter your Facebook or Gmail credentials to register. After signing up, you can login using your email and password easily.

How do I install a free fire advanced server?

Free Fire Advanced Server can be easily downloaded for free by downloading the Apk file. However, you must first try getting access from the official website first.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, the Free Fire Advance Server is like a cool playground for Free Fire players. It lets us try out all the new things before they come to the big game we all love. Playing on the Advance Server is not just about having fun early, it is also a chance to help make the game better. This is because our feedback helps the game makers fix things and make it awesome for everyone. 

So, if you haven’t joined the Advance Server yet, give it a go! Although, you may or may not be a part of this exciting server, which depends on the game’s criteria of selection, but you can still try registering. Have fun enjoying all the features of the upcoming update before everyone else does!

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